Task and Responsibilities:

• Assist the Construction Manager with Planning and executing the efficient and timely mobilization of personnel, plant and equipment to site in accordance with the requirements as per the construction programme, and ultimately the demobilization.
• Provide input into the development of the project programme, including providing input to the Construction Manager regarding the procurement and delivery of materials to site to ensure conformity to the workloads, plans and schedules, and keeping the Construction Manager informed of changes on site which require revisions to delivery schedules.
• Lead and ensure all work groups are properly guided, in close cooperation with the Construction Manager, in assembling and controlling the required resources (manpower, equipment, materials and tools required) to start and sustain the work efficiency and productivity until the completion of the project.
• Ensure that all personnel needed on site is communicated in a timely fashion with the relevant departments for processing (HR, SHEQ).
• Perform on‐boarding and induction relevant to procedures, guidelines, policies, etc.
• Ensure that all construction activities within the designated areas are well planned, coordinated and be able to utilize all available resources in coordination with other functional Managers in directing and supervising all involved site personnel and subcontractors. Ensure this coordination is performed in accordance with the construction programme, while understanding and managing the critical path.
• Inspects work in progress to ensure conformity with QA/QC specifications and requirements, Industry Codes, Standards and Procedures, client requirements and provides technical advice to resolve problems.
• Interact with other construction areas and Supervisors, discusses and review with Construction Manager the project Key Performance Indicators to determine accurate status of the project, making tactical decisions for allocating resources, and assigning staff requirements, to maintain project on target.
• Review reports from Supervisors, and forward to Construction Manager for collaboration and agreement of corrective actions if project becomes behind schedule or over the budget.
• Set targets and objectives for team members to ensure schedule is met.
• Ensure the accurate and timely collection and recording of quality and work progress.
• Ensure the weekly reporting of plans, and other progress to the Construction Manager via email.
• Complies with the highest level of quality, health, safety, and environmental standards during all stages of project execution and pro‐active with safety groups and subcontractors to promote safe and hazard free work within the designated area.
• Liaise with SHEQ representatives to ensure functional and complete functioning of SHEQ within all activities. Assist the SHEQ manager in management of the SHEQ representatives with regards to site requirements.
• Support and assist staff with skills training programs (if required), with the aim of increasing worker skills and personnel development.
• Conduct regular performance appraisals with staff.
• Ensure that all equipment, plant, machinery, and vehicles on site have relevant certificates, tests, services, inspections, etc. as required by client and legislation.
• Ensure all personnel on site have had the required training, induction, medicals, psychometrics, etc. to carry out their work.
• Manage accommodation requirements on remote projects and ensure that should there be a camp that it is managed properly in all aspects.
• Effective implementation of company Project Life Cycle standards and procedures across all site departments to ensure maximum efficiency on site.
• Effective implementation of company Project Life Cycle standards and procedures across all site departments to ensure maximum efficiency on site.
• Ensure that all invoices are captured timeously, and statements are received month end to manage payments to suppliers and or sub-contractors.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

• Competence and knowledge in construction and supervision
• Competence in Construction Management skills, motivated, has strong leadership, able to encourage subordinates and other work groups to work as a team.
• Knowledge of structural, welding codes and other associated codes used in the project, excellent technical background, and skills in industrial environment.
• Able to control a multi‐national workforce in a dynamic situation.
• Understanding of other disciplines like Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation, Electronics & Communication from site activities point of view.
• Possess negotiation and influence skills, innovative, creative thinker, flexible and excellent organizer.
• Has excellent oral & written communication in English and interpersonal skills.
• Can work with minimal supervision and in high pressure environments.
• Able to manage situations resulting in conflict between employees and or other contractors.
• Ability to understand and use progress metrics to manage progress on site.

Experience, Education and Formal Training:

• At a minimum 10 years construction on the job experience
• At least 5 years’ construction management experience in construction and maintenance, preferably within the SMEIPP industry.


The Candidate should have the following key attributes to be considered:
• Strong leadership and interpersonal skills.
• Strong communication skills at all levels.
• SMPP construction knowledge.
• Valid Passport
• Multi-tasking, self-motivated, energetic team player with a flexible and adaptable approach to work.